Declaration Regarding Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Please note that to the best of the knowledge of the teachers and instructors in the courses, credit for

intellectual property in the courses, including the material appearing in the relevant websites, is

given in accordance with the law.

If any IP owner in the Materials has not received due credit, the operators of the Courses hereby

declare and commit to providing due credit as soon as possible after receiving a written notification

from the IP owner.

The use of the Materials in the Courses in the framework of the Program does not infringe on the IP

of their owners, according to the protections granted by the principle of Fair Use, including, but not

limited to, Clause 19 of the Israeli Copyright Law of 2007.

Declaration Regarding Using IP of Materials from the Courses

While taking the Courses you will be exposed to materials containing IP that may be protected by

law. This IP may include drawings, videos, texts, and charts and more. If you intend to use them

materials, please notify the operators of the courses in due time and give appropriate credit to IP


Please do not infringe on IP rights as such infringement shall be solely and entirely your own

responsibility and at your own risk.

Agreeing to this Declaration by signing it is a pre-condition for participation in the Course. By

ticking the check-box below you declare your recognition and agreement to the statements in this


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